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Last weeks scores

The United States Action Rifle Match Society (US ARMS) is an action shooting sport dedicated to providing owners of modern sporting rifles an opportunity to compete and develop their shooting skills. US ARMS is focused on both speed and accuracy with a heavy emphasis on gun handling skills.We take pride in hosting a match that will challenge shooters while providing a fun environment where like minded people can get together to enjoy there passion for rifle shooting. Our US ARMS match is also a great place to test your rifle setup.

What to expect

Match setup and new shooter briefing will start at promptly at 6pm.  The match fee is $15.  If you are shooting a US ARMS match for the first time you will need to arrive at 5:45 to allow yourself time to sign in to the range before taking the new shooter briefing at 6pm.  There will be a designated safe area for you to remove your rifle from your rifle bag.  The designated safe area is where you will want to install your chamber flag if it isn’t already in the chamber, you will then make your way into the range to place you rifle on one of the rifles racks against the wall.  Please feel free to help the match directors setup stages, it will help us get started on time which means we get to shoot more.  First shots will be fired at 6:30.  The challenging nature of our stages will require competitors to have a strong basis of firearm safety while moving and navigating multiple positions throughout a course of fire.  Competitors will also need to have a strong understanding of how to manipulate their own rifle.  If you aren’t comfortable using your rifle but would like to shoot with us, contact us a so we can help you reach your goals.  The match typically last about two hours after which we all break down the stages then go out to eat.   The score will be posted on the Ga Firing Line US ARMS Facebook group.

Equipment Needed

1. Semi-Automatic Rifle that uses detachable magazines

2. Three Magazines (minimum 10 round capacity)

3. Chamber Flag

4. Eye Protection

5. Ear Protection (muffs or plugs)

6. Rifle Case

7. Magazine holders (strongly recommended, but not required)

8. 100 rounds of non-steel core ammunition