Why Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled when it’s convenient for you
We build a class specifically to cover whatever you would like to work on
We would love to set up a class for just you and your friends and/or family
Private lessons give clients one on one time with our highly skilled instructors
Advanced trigger control, recoil management, shooting more accurately at full speed, emergency/ admin reloads,  malfunction clearing,  target transitions, cleaning your firearm, youth shooting lessons, and more.  We also do a lot of lessons for clients that are nervous around firearms.  


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Meet Our Team


Dania GallowayInstructor
 I love instructing, both for the joy of sharing my favorite sport and for seeing the ear-splitting smiles of shooters who just accomplished a personal best in shooting. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help others enjoy the sport that was shared with me. 


Gedde WilsonInstructor
Learning about guns has been a big part of my life since childhood. My background with firearms is a very diverse one, and I’m always hungry to grow my skills and improve my skill set. I love being an instructor and I am here to make you a better shooter.


Peter RenwickInstructor
Shooting has always been a deep seated passion of mine.  I come from a long history of  both competitive shooting and defensive training.  No matter what your shooting goals are, we would love to help you reach them.