Fast And Accurate

This is a one of a kind pistol class that dives deep into the world of recoil management and speed shooting.  You will learn all of the elements of proper recoil management, which will in turn allow you to shoot 4 rounds a second without compromising accuracy.   We are able to achieve this by limiting the movement of the pistol during recoil, and teaching you how to see your sights faster.

This is one our favorite classes to teach, however it requires a very strong foundation in accuracy.  Prior to taking the class, we require students to turn in a target shot at 25 ft with 45 rounds in a 4″ circle without missing a single round.   If a student’s accuracy foundation isn’t strong enough, they will have an extremely hard time reaching our goal for graduates.

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Course Covers

  • Tuning grip to perfection 
  • Rapid speed sight alignment
  • Advanced elements of recoil management
  • High speed trigger control 

You will need the following

  • Centerfire handgun (semi-automatic), .380 caliber or greater
  • 200 rounds of ammunition (sorry, no steel-core or steel jacket)
  • 3 magazines 
  • Unused USB drive of large capacity (32gig or larger)
  •  Prerequisite target 

(The store can assist you if you are missing something ).

Day of the class

We ask students to arrive 15 minutes early. This provides them time to get signed in at the range counter and make it back to the classroom by 6:00pm. The classroom portion will begin promptly at 6:00pm and last approximately an hour and a half. Once we have completed the classroom training we will then make our way into the range and begin working our way through the draw process. The range session generally lasts an hour and a half.




Peter Renwick

I enjoy watching our students grow as shooters.  When you see a student have that ” ah ha” moment as they start to see the sights while shooting 4 rounds a second.  That’s what keeps us coming back everyday.




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