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Are you considering carrying a pistol for protection? As a savvy and responsible gun owner, you know that effective personal protection involves more than buying a compact pistol and an IWB (inside the waistband) holster. It requires education, training, and practice. Want to learn how to best protect yourself with a firearm? This is the perfect class for you.

In the GA Firing Line CCW class, you’ll get more than just a lesson in carrying your weapon. We’ll provide you with both the physical and mental skills necessary to be aware of, understand, and handle any threats that you may encounter.

Because this is an intermediate class, we do require that students have some prerequisite shooting experience. We expect all students to be familiar with their sidearms, but we do not want to discourage beginner level shooters, either. Whether you’re a new shooter or you just feel like you could use a refresher on gun safety and shooting skills, we recommend taking our NRA First Steps class. After that, please feel free to come back and hone your everyday carry skills in this class.


We prepare all of our students with the skills necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Students of the GAFL CCW class leave with new-found confidence in their ability to effectively use their firearm from concealment.
In addition to learning the essential concepts of self-defense with a firearm, our students always have a great time in the live-fire range portion of this class.



Your most powerful self-defense tool lies right between your ears. With the right mindset, you’ll always be prepared to handle a threat to yourself or your loved ones.



Know your rights. In this portion of the class, our students learn the legal concepts governing self-defense and firearms.

carry methods

Carry Methods

Some methods are better than others. In this class, you’ll learn the most effective means to carry a concealed firearm.

carry methods draw process ccw

Draw Process

The live-fire range portion of the class allows students to practice the draw process from concealment to gain comfort, familiarity, and confidence.

Course Covers

  • Mind Set
  • Situational Awareness, Pre-Violence Indicators, and Conflict Avoidance
  • Elements of a Lethal Threat
  • Use of Lethal Force
  • Aspects of Defensive Ammunition
  • Holster and Gear Selection
  • Drawing from Concealment 
  • Shooting from Retention
  • Rapid Target Engagement

You will need the following

  • 1 Center fire handgun (semi- automatic or revolver) of at least .380 caliber or greater
  • 1 Safe and serviceable strong-side hip holster 
  • 1 Magazine pouch 
  • 3 magazines or speed loaders 
  • 100 Rounds of quality ammunition (no steel core ammo permitted)
  • Covering garment (loose shirt, vest, or light jacket).  One of each style of cover garment is preferred 

If you need assistance with any missing items on this list, the GA Firing Line staff will be happy to help you out.

Day of the class

We ask students to arrive 15 minutes early. This provides them time to get signed in at the range counter and make it back to the classroom by 6:00pm. The classroom portion will begin promptly at 6:00pm and last approximately an hour and a half. Once we have completed the classroom training we will then make our way into the range and begin working our way through the draw process. The range session generally lasts an hour and a half.




Peter Renwick

“I love equipping our clients with the physical and mental tools they need to protect themselves and those they love.  There are very few things I enjoy more than watching our clients walk away feeling a new sense of confidence in their ability to defend themselves no matter what life throws at them.”

Peter Renwick

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Don't wait to start perfecting your carry system

Classes fill up quickly and space is limited. Sign up today to reserve your spot

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