Rifle Recoil Management

Recoil management is one of the largest factors in shooting quickly.  Our Rifle Recoil Management class digs deeply into the mechanics of mitigating rifle movement as it recoils.  Simply put, the less the rifle moves the faster it gets back on target, the faster it gets back on target the faster we can pull the trigger again.  Most students come in shooting about 1 round per second.  Our goal is to get students to the 3-5 rounds a second without compromising accuracy.

Course Covers

  • Trigger control

  • Proper stance

  • Maximizing accuracy at speed

  • Recoil management

$75 Fee Includes

  • Classroom instruction

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Targets

  • Live-fire range session

What to expect

Upon arrival at Ga Firing Line, make your way to the range counter to sign the range waiver.  You will want to arrive at 5:45 to allow 15 minutes to sign the range waiver and make your way back to the classroom.  We will begin the classroom session at 6pm and it will last approximately 40 minutes.  After concluding the classroom session we will make our way into the range to begin the live-fire drills which will last for the remainder of the class.

What to bring

  • Rifle

  • 200-400 rounds (no steel core)

  • Smiling face

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Rifle Recoil Management

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