Pistol Transitions Class

Our Pistol Transition Class is an entire class built around decreasing the amount of time it takes you to move your pistol from target to target to target.  Transitioning from target to target is one of the most overlooked elements in defensive training as well as competitive shooting.  The ability to transition as fast as you can pull the trigger is incredibly powerful in bringing down your overall match time and greatly increasing your survival rate in a self-defense situation against multiple aggressors.    

Course Covers

  • Understanding the mechanics of target transitions

  • Increasing your transition speed

  • Understanding the relationship between transition distance and techniques used

  • How to increase your accuracy while transitioning quickly

$50 Fee Includes

  • Classroom instruction

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Targets

  • Live-fire range session

What to expect

Upon arrival at Ga Firing Line, make your way to the range counter to sign the range waiver.  You will want to arrive at 5:45 to allow 15 minutes to sign the range waiver and make your way back to the classroom.  We will begin the classroom session at 6pm and it will last approximately 30-40 minutes.  After concluding the classroom session we will make our way into the range to begin the live-fire drills which will last for the remainder of the class.

What to bring

  • Pistol and outside the waistband holster

  • 2 mag pouches and 3 mags

  • 200 rounds minimum (bring as many as you can)

  • Clothing suitable for fast paced shooting

  • Smiling face

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Pistol Transitions Class

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