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Intro to US ARMS  is dedicated to introducing new as well as experienced shooters to the world of competitive rifle. The course involves firearm safety on the range, rules and regulations of the sport, range etiquette, and what to expect when you enter the stage. After an informative brief in the classroom, you will then move onto the range where the instructor will cover stage obstacles, reloads, strategy, and economy of motion using exciting and practical drills. Whether you’ve never shot a match and want to gain the skills to compete or you are an advanced shooter looking to put a few more tools in your box, this class is for you.  

What to expect

The Intro to US ARMS class will have two segments, a classroom session and a live fire range session.  The classroom session will last about 45 minutes then the range session will last a little over an hour.  During the classroom portion we will cover a general overview of the rules, match flow, and basic equipment setup.  We will then venture into the range to begin our live fire drills.  Each drill will cover one or many of the individual elements of rifle shooting that you encounter at a US ARMS rifle match.

Equipment Needed

1. Semi-Automatic Rifle that uses detachable magazines

2. Three Magazines (minimum 10 round capacity)

3. Chamber Flag

4. Eye Protection

5. Ear Protection (muffs or plugs)

6. Rifle Case

7. Magazine holders (strongly recommended, but not required)

8. 100 rounds of non-steel core ammunition