IDPA matches are great for honing gun handling and defensive shooting skills while giving shooters the opportunity to practice using their concealed carry equipment in a safe and friendly environment.



US ARMS Rifle Match

The United States Action Rifle Match Society (US ARMS) is an action shooting sport dedicated to providing owners of modern sporting rifles an opportunity to compete and develop their shooting skills. US ARMS is focused on both speed and accuracy with a heavy emphasis on gun handling skills.

22 Bull’s Eye League

The .22 League Match is an NRA Bull’s Eye style rapid fire match, shot at a distance of 50 feet, with a .22 caliber pistol, every Tuesday night at 6:30pm.

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Bowling Pin Shoot

Bowling pin matches are one the best ways to transition from static shooting to the more dynamic side of pistol shooting. The simple layout makes it easy to learn, while maintaining the ever present competitive drive to become a better shooter. While the matches are a competition, they are very light hearted with no pressure to perform. All of our shooters are very supportive and eager to help you grow your shooting skill set.


Group Events

Our group events are a great way to get outside the ordinary office party or get together.  We have fun a lot of fun, pre-packaged options for groups to try out, or we can create a custom event geared specifically to your group.