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IDPA Indoor Nationals!


Evolution of Accuracy
Accuracy is a funny thing. Did you know that where your finger lands on the trigger can have as much effect on whether or not you hit a target as your sight picture? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t; most people don’t immediately think about their fingers when they think about putting holes in paper. That’s why we’ve designed the Evolution of Accuracy class.

Accuracy involves a lot of factors. Where you place your finger and how you press the trigger can throw a bullet to the left or right. Jerking the trigger can actually pull the gun down and make you miss your target low. Tensing up your grip can result in a high miss… It can be a little overwhelming when you think about it all.

In our Evolution of Accuracy class, we’ll break down all of the aspects of accurate shooting. Then we’ll go over each on its own before we piece them together. As we go, you’ll get to shoot the battleship target, and you’ll play some fun near-to-far accuracy-over-distance games, too.

All the while, you’ll be learning to see and feel what happens when you press the trigger just right, and you’ll get a better and better feel for what happens when something goes wrong. With the skills you’ll learn in our Evolution of Accuracy class, you should be able to get your sight picture, press the trigger, and know that you got your shot without checking for holes in paper.

Whether you want to work on accuracy for self-defense or for competition (e.g., IDPA, USPSA, or bowling pins), you’ll notice a major improvement when you take this class… And you’ll have fun shooting while you do!


We Shoot Pins!
If you’ve ever visited us at GA Firing Line, you know that we’re more than a little bit enthusiastic about shooting and shooting sports. That’s why we’ve recently introduced our weekly bowling pin match. Every Monday night, starting at 6:30, instead of shooting paper targets, you can compete with other shooters to knock down bowling pins.
How It Works
For this match, you’ll have nine chances to shoot (3 rounds with 3 strings each). Each time you get up to shoot a string, your goal is to knock down the 5 bowling pins in front of you. Sounds easy, right? Well, we had to make it at least a little bit challenging, so we only let you load 6 bullets in your gun. Each string is timed, and each missed pin adds 3 seconds to your time (ouch! Accuracy counts a lot in this game). The winner will be the person with the lowest adjusted time over all of the rounds.

One of the fun things about this match is that it allows you to change guns between rounds. You can switch between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol, and you can go from shooting .45 to .22 and everything in between. If there’s a gun on our rental counter that you’ve been dying to try, why not rent it for the bowling pin match?
Bowling Pins are for Everyone
The other really fun thing about this match is that it attracts a wide range of shooters from people who’ve only been to the range once or twice in their lives to competitive shooters who win local IDPA and USPSA matches every week. And they all miss sometimes. (No, really, we’ve all left 5 pins sitting […]

Glock Front Cocking Serrations

We are excited to announce that we now offer Glock front cocking serrations.  Front cocking serrations not only look amazing, they also improve your ability to press-check your Glock from in front of the ejection port with or without gloves.  If you are the type that likes to shoot in the muck and the rain, you will love our Glock front cocking serrations.



When you purchase front cocking serrations we will give you a $20 discount for Cerakoting your slide.

Front cocking serrations are only $125, then add another $40 to Cerakote your slide whatever color you want it.

CCW Class

This is the perfect class for shooters who have spent some time shooting and are looking to prepare themselves to carry a gun on a daily basis.  Our passion is to equip law abiding citizens with the tools they need to protect themselves and those they love. We equip our students with the physical and mental training to understand dealing with a threat should one arise.

Please be aware that this this is not a course for those who have never fired a weapon.  At the minimum, students should have some level of proficiency.  If you feel like you need a more basic introduction, please attend one of our “NRA 1st Steps Courses” to learn safe gun handling skills and the basics of marksmanship.  These courses can be found under our “training and events” tab or you may enroll while in the store.

Glock Undercuts

We are proud to announce that our amazing gunsmith, Andy Ferries, is now offering trigger guard undercuts.  Any shooter looking to shoot faster without compromising accuracy will talk your ear off about getting your grip as high up on the pistol as humanly possible.  Undercutting your trigger guard is one of the many ways to give yourself a slight advantage over the always present recoil.

It’s simple physics really. The closer you get your hands to the center line of the barrel, the more your pistol is going to push straight back during recoil. And the reverse is equally true: If you lower your hands on the grip of your pistol, you will start to experience more vertical travel in your front sight.  The moral of the story is that the less your front sight moves up, the faster it comes back down to complete your next sight picture.  The shorter the time is from sight picture to sight picture, the faster you will shoot accurately – Thus painting the picture of why it is so important to get your grip as high as possible.  Undercutting your trigger guard gets your hands that little bit closer to the centerline of the barrel.

One of the other benefits of undercutting the trigger guard on your pistol is improved ergonomics.  You show me a competitive Glock shooter and I will show you a calloused middle finger.  We jokingly refer to this as “the hobbit knuckle”.  The undercut removes the corner of the trigger guard that is prone to biting into the side of your middle finger and replaces it with a comfortable smooth bevel that you are sure to appreciate after a long day of shooting.

Andy offers both single […]

The Armed Lady

Armed Lady, LLC is a premier shooting organization offering women gun classes across United States the opportunity to join with other women like you interested in learning more about shooting, self-defense and personal protection.Shooting is our passion so whether you are an expert or beginner; every female gun enthusiasts is welcome. We are here to help guide and educate you in the areas of defense for women, conceal carry, or competitive shooting for those of you that are looking for more of a challenge as you grow in your abilities.